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Make Yourself Comfortable.

When You Think You Have A Stalker

This post rambles, disorganized, and all the other bad stuff that comes with my usual posts. TW: Sexual Assault
I might have a stalker.

Or maybe someone who just doesn't like me. Either way, I am freaked out.

I was told something completely off the wall. A random guy chatted up my co-worker while she was out one day. Told her I'm not as sweet as I seem. That I beat up his friend (my supposed ex) and gave him cauliflower ear which made him break up with me. This ex now has a broken heart.


The strange thing was not this story he told her.

The strange thing was that he was able to describe my exact appearance down to my glasses, my car, and my school goals. My glasses are a recent addition to my appearance. I only just decided what my end game regarding school was in August. I had my car since October 2013. There is only two people outside of work and family that know all three things in such detail that he described and they are my roommates. (Kinja people notwithstanding or else this person would have mentioned my posts and other things.)


I tried running down a list of people but no one fits the description of the guy spilling this fake tea or my ex. I thought it might have been the guy who assaulted me in July wanted to start something. Others thought it might be some woman or classmates or anyone. Thing is I just don't know.

I told my roommates about the situation. Asked if maybe I pissed off one of their friends. They said no. (But I did find out everyone is afraid of pissing me off which I found funny. I'm the most laid back person ever. It takes a lot to piss me off.)


I called my brother and Dad over. I told them about my sexual assault. I told them about the current situation. They want me to go to the police. (Actually they want me to tell them the name of the person who assaulted me so they can take bats to him. Imagery of white father beating a Black man up with a bat is not pleasant so I declined.)

I have been meaning to tell Dad and brother about my assault. I was trying to build up courage but could never find any. I told them today not because I wanted to tell them but out of necessity. They needed to know just in case something does happened. I think it hurt my Dad that I just didn't come to him when it happened.


When you think you have a stalker, your mind comes up with the most terrible things. I was force to tell people everything going on even though I didn't want to at all. I don't know who this person is or what they are trying to accomplish. If their goal was to cause stress in my life...well they did it.

Bright spot for today.....The Cowboys lost.

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