Make Yourself Comfortable.
Make Yourself Comfortable.
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The Couch is a group blog to discuss anything mental-health related. Ideally, we would have everyone from those dealing with mental health issues, to friends of those suffering, to even professionals, if you're out there. Feel free to share this anyplace you think people might be interested. I don't ask for much, just that you keep it respectful.


You can really talk about whatever you want here, provided that you follow a few loose guidelines, heavily and lovingly borrowed from Slay Belle at Groupthink:

1. Don't be a jerk.

2. Seriously, don't be a jerk.

3. Don't be a shit-stirrer.

4. Don't doxx anyone, or you will be banned immediately.

5. Any and all posts or comments encouraging self-harm will be immediately deleted and their authors banned.


Other than that, talk about what you like, as long as it can be reasonably considered to be related to mental health. We can talk about touchy subjects here. We can talk about fun subjects here. We can vent and bitch about therapy and talk about what's helping us and talk about what books we're reading and support each other and even occasionally have gif parties here. Just keep it relevant to the overriding goal of the blog and keep it respectful.

Two more notes:

1. This is meant to be a friendly space, but it can't be reasonably considered to be a safe space. Speak as openly as you feel comfortable, but remember that this is still the internet and it's not a private group.


2. Despite many members being from specific sub-blogs, you are welcome to continue posting about mental health in any of those places. This is just an option.

3. While advice is allowed here, remember that this is a discussion board, not therapy (even if we have posts from trained therapists). Nothing here can take the place of a professional dealing with you directly. You can find professionals in the United States and Canada for many situations (sliding scale, insurance, a variety of focuses, etc.) at Psychology Today. Feel free to share other resources.


4. Trigger warnings are neither banned nor required; it might just be a safe bet to assume that you're going to read some triggering things on here.

5. If you have an issue and need to contact a moderator, you can contact me here or quashitlikeitshot here. Our Twitter handles are @joshuaadavidd and @BaxterandPenny, respectively.


If you want to become an author here, just leave a comment to that effect. I won't respond to everyone, but I'll star your post once you've received authorship privileges. As long as you don't have a history of being an asshole, you're in. Welcome to The Couch!

(h/t to Snacktastic and quashitlikeitshot for some great ideas!)

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