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The Courage to Heal Workbook

TW sexual abuse

Has anyone read/used this workbook in the past? My therapist mentioned that it might be good for us to work on this together, but she was going to review the latest edition.


I'm feeling both anxious to finally start really working through these issues, but obviously tentative and scared. If anyone has experience working with this book/workbook and feels comfortable, would you mind giving me a short rundown or what it was like? I'm nervous that I won't be able to continue functioning once I start uncovering things. My therapist has is aware of this, so I'm sure she wouldn't push me too hard from the get-go, but I did also tell her this week that I wanted to challenge myself a bit and begin to work this out.

Anyway, I don't know if I'm making any sense right now. It's been a tough week. In beginning to discuss my abuse, I told my therapist some things I've never uttered aloud to another human being on Tuesday. Then I found out that my grandmother passed away that afternoon, so my head is a bit of a jumble. I could really use some reassurance at this point, and I'd appreciate any insight/advice to help me prepare to work through this.

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