Make Yourself Comfortable.
Make Yourself Comfortable.

How Do You Deal When Trying To Help Others Cope?

Mental illness. Such a loaded phrase. A lot of people have some sort of mental illness or illnesses. Those same people, no matter what they are going through, try to help others in the same place. I am one of those people.

I have serious depression, anxiety, paranoia, PTSD, and a bit of agoraphobia. I was suicidal from the time I was six to my senior year of high school (I just stop trying. Nothing ever worked). Until recently, I dealt with my problems on my own. No help from anyone else. I learned to cope with music and Harry Potter when I was younger. Now I cope by other (almost healthy) methods, along with unhealthy ones (we should talk about mental illness and ones relationship to food one day). As I said before, I work hard everyday to get through it. I'm not going lie. Sometimes the darkness does win. You can definitely see it in my car and in my bedroom.


With everything I have going on, I still put others above myself. It's hard for me to make connections with people so when I ask(which is rare to be honest) how you are doing? It is sincere. When I tell you that you matter, it is sincere.

However, some people's illness may be too much. Some people may not (or may not want to) recognize that you are going through something too as they are going into details about their own illness(es). So when that happens, what do you to keep yourself from being trigger? How do you protect your own self while helping someone else? How do you deal when trying to help others cope?

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