Make Yourself Comfortable.
Make Yourself Comfortable.

Do you ever just feel like wallowing in self pity?

Because I do and I'm in the mood right now. Well, actually I'm pretty despondent right now and I just don't have the will to even pretend or try to mask it or do the stuff I should be doing right now, like work or cleaning my dirty-ass house. Is it so bad to want people to just leave me alone and let me be depressed? I've had so much stressful/upsetting stuff going on in the past few months (deaths in the family, 2 family members w/ cancer, bought a house) but everyone that I can confide in personally just keeps stressing that I "get out" and "do something fun" and "focus on work or projects" as if this will make it all better and I won't be depressed. And really, all of that other stuff is in addition to me being worn down and raw from finally starting to see a therapist and talk about other past traumas like sexual abuse and rapes. Why is it so bad and why can't I just lay in bed all day and cry? Why do I have to keep mustering up all this energy to go out and be ~fun~ and be ~productive~ and be ~happy~ at ALL times when I'm not?

I realize people are generally just trying to help, and that it can be helpful to get out and do things, but does anyone else get frustrated by similar responses to their depression, etc?


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