ok hi everybody

so i have a depression/anxiety diagnosis. and mild meds (wellbutrin 2x/day) but i don't know if i'm depressed or if i'm just lazy and tired and sad.

this week for example - i have just felt blah. and so unmotivated. like if you looked up burnt out in the dictionary you'd see a picture of me. i've had a lot of schoolwork this year and it's almost over but it's not really because i still have medical school apps to do and a lame faux-thesis to write. but i just want it to be done.


not even done so much as not existent. like i really want to press pause and sleep for a long time and then come back and do my shit when i don't feel so awful.

is this depression?

i feel like i question my diagnosis a lot because i've never thought about self harming and i don't really hate myself that much. like i'll get a hot pressure in my chest/stomach when i realize how much work i haven't done so i guess that's anxiety? but isn't that just normal anxiety? or do normal people just do their work and not get anxious about it?

this is pretty navel-gazy sorry. i just feel like i'm making excuses for my laziness. but i'm just lazy.